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Continued to Operate as a Small Dependable Law Firm with Commitment, Quality and Timely Services

Gusriadi Fauzi and Partner (also brand name "GFP" Law Firm ) was founded by Gusriadi Fauzi and his Partner in January 2002 in Jakarta . The firm has six lawyer and four partner at its main office in Jakarta and it has repesentative office in Bali, Kuta Badung provides legal services in these cities, The firm has been providing high quality legal services over fifty years and specialist in advising Domestic and International companies and regulatory bodies on their complex and challenging legal issue.

Prior establishing the firm has advised numbers of companies requiring legal representation with respect to Litigation matters in both domestic and foreign, as part of this process the firm opened an representative office in Bali, entirely focused on litigation, experiences in litigation practices who had litigation lawyers and litigation attorneys in many experiences, legal representation in the various court and tribunal, takes advise on all aspect with analysis litigation strategy.

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